STEM jobs, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), are projected to grow much faster than the average of all occupations, at a range of growth of 11% from 2019 to 2029. With this, integrating STEM activities into daily lifestyle could help students and children increase their STEM knowledge. It is possible to not only learn STEM through classroom activities, such as the use of technology as a learning tool and a way to customize the learning process, but also in activities at home.

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One activity that could help to integrate STEM into day-to-day activities is baking. Baking will stimulate math skills when it comes to measuring ingredients, following steps and thinking of other options when they have to replace one ingredient for the other. This will also increase problem-solving competencies as you have to know what ingredients have the same effect in terms of baking/cooking.

One other thing could be shopping. A simple task such as shopping will require them to think about prices, placement, needs and adding. You could use this in order to develop math thinking. When shopping, you could help to introduce more STEM-specific language and combine those with the main goal of this activity. Using words such as “adding”, “taxes”, “amount”, and “discount” could help them to get used to their meaning and usability.

There are other examples such as cleaning, where you can develop scientific thought on how to combine products in order to get better results. Problem-solving is also used as there would be a need to think about what other products have the same results. Maths could also be used to calculate the amount of solution needed to cover an amount of surface.

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Car rides can help them to compare car speeds, sizes and what makes them go faster or slower. These activities could develop the engineering part of STEM, analysing the concept and purpose that every part has in the car, as well as what makes them different and what can help it go get better.

Allowing them to film adventures and record themselves with the use of technology and creativity could influence children on how to integrate technology with creativity. Even though creativity is not in the basic STEM, these four subjects need to ally with imagination and different thinking in order to create change and new ways of working.

With this, it is easy to see that simple lifestyle tasks can bring you the knowledge and the competencies within the STEM field and help apply the classroom knowledge to real life.

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