A revolution in value of information through virtual STEM museums

Since the start of this digital era, the world of education has changed significantly. It seems that people have a hard time accepting another person as an authority of knowledge anymore, and rather refer to Internet videos, and blogs as the authority while they as well are written and made… by people.

Ways to bring STEM into your daily life

It is possible to not only learn STEM through classroom activities, such as the use of technology as a learning tool and a way to customize the learning process, but also in activities at home.

Popularising STEM: spreading the knowledge

The popularisation of science can develop a critical mind and help to have better autonomy in information research. Popularisers want to inform the citizens the most objectively and demystify science to show people that STEM is not meant for just one part of the population.

Advantages of using Virtual Museums and other Virtual Learning Environments in the teaching and learning of STEM for DYS students

Digital Tools offer an array of opportunities to enhance students' learning experience, particularly in STEM education.

VM STEM – for kids and adults

The truth is our daily lives are immensely impacted by STEM, and these disciplines could help each of us comprehend the world we live in at least a bit better.

How to motivate and inspire in STEM education

Besides creativity, educational and digital competencies, motivation is a significant prerequisite for successful teaching.

How museums contribute to STEM learning

Several studies have presented the research results on the influence of STEM museums on student learning and inclusions.

How to design inclusive virtual learning environments?

A virtual museum or environment is neither an eLearning platform nor a video game, and not even something in between.

Virtual Museums Pedagogical Interests

Virtual museums allow users to visit and explore at their own pace, having the opportunity to look up for extra information as needed without the time pressure.

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