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Are you interested in STEM? There are numerous resources out there waiting for you! In this short article, we have selected four websites full of entertaining scientific content. Ready to take a look? Let’s dive in!

SubscribED dynamic library

This online library gathers resources from an unusual database: social media! Most of the content comes from YouTube or TikTok, which makes for fun short educational videos. Are you interested in maths and science? New technologies? The English language? Then you should definitely visit the web page of this European project.

A few concrete examples:

  • Did you think that fire always had to be red and yellow? This video will show you colours you might never have expected from the flames!
  • If you have ever wondered what and how animals can see, this video might give you an interesting insight.

Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell

This animated YouTube channel discusses everything scientific, no matter how plausible the initial statement is. What does an animal society look like? What does space hide from us? What would happen if the Moon was to crash on Earth? Hundreds of questions – most of which we assume you have never asked – find an answer in their videos. And, if you are not quite convinced just yet, these videos are 100% scientific indeed, and a bibliography is available in their description.

A few concrete examples:

  • This video will show you the link between breathing and the size of life forms.
  • If you ever wondered what would happen if all nuclear weapons were to explode at the same time, you can find information here.
Figure 2 Kurzegesagt-In a Nutshell (2020). How Large Can a Bacteria get? Life & Size 3

Mark Rober

This is another YouTube channel that is completely dedicated to teaching STEM in an innovative and entertaining way. Mark Rober has undertaken many experiments involving programming and mathematics, but he is most famous for his “squirrel Olympics” as he challenged the rodents to take on his well-designed obstacle course.

A few concrete examples:

  • To watch him engineer his obstacle course for squirrels, click here!
  • Can you use physics to beat carnival games? Yes, you can! Watch this video to discover how.

The European space agency

If you are looking for more academic resources, the ESA offers news, pictures and videos about space. Discover the various programmes the ESA is involved in, learn about their education programmes and, if you feel brave enough, apply for a position in the space agency!

A few concrete examples:

  • The ESA helps students with particular university projects learn more about their topic. For example, in this report, a team of Masters students attempted to create a cooling system that could work in space. You can also apply at the end of the report if you are interested!

And if you want to discover what an exoplanet’s atmosphere is made of, click here! There are many more topics discussed on the ESA website.

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SubscribED. Maths & Science Dynamic library.

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